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Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences has two undergraduate majors and many minors to choose from for students who are passionate about pursuing careers in science, production, conservation and sustainability.

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Graduate Programs

Students interested in pursuing advanced degrees can choose one of our three concentations for the Master of Science degree, or complete a doctoral program in one of our 12 Ph.D. research areas.

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Our department is staffed with award-winning, nationally-recognized faculty members who not only serve students on campus, but also conduct research that benefits industries and communities across the state, nation and globe. 

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The University of Arkansas continues to work closely with public health officials at all levels to respond to the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19). 

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CSES Departmental Seminar Schedule Fall 2022

PTSC 009 at 3:30-4:20 pm or join via Zoom



Seminar Title



First Day of Classes

No Seminar



Graduate Students Only

Departmental OrientationSeminar Expectations

Dr. Edwards


Labor Day

No Seminar











Dr. Mike Daniels

Water and Agriculture: What’s the Future for Arkansas?

Dr. Edwards


Dr. Larry Purcell 

Climate Change, Genetic Diversity, and Tropical Crops

Dr. Edwards 






Fall Break

No Seminar



Dr. Wayne Powell

Principal and Chief Executive SRUC

Dr. Bacon


Dr. Samuel Fernandes


Dr. Edwards


Tri-Societies Meeting

No Seminar



Joshua Winter (MS)

Association Study for Texture and Color in Natto Soybeans

Dr. Shakiba

Srikanth Karaikal (MS)

Exploring the Potential of Atonik for Safening Rice Herbicides 

Dr. Burgos


Shane Ylagan (MS)

Using Apparent Electrical Conductivity to Delineate Field Variation in an Agroforestry System in the Ozark Highlands

Dr. Brye

Matthew Janorschke (MS)

Belowground Productivity within a Silvopasture System Managed at Three Basal Areas with Fescue Compared to Orchardgrass 

Dr. Savin


Matheus Noguera (PhD)

Glufosinate resistance in Amaranthus palmeri in the US mid-South: occurrence, mechanisms and management

 Dr. Burgos


Carrie Ann Followell (MS)

Dry Matter, Nutrient Accumulation and Partitioning of Irrigated Modern Cotton Cultivars in the Arkansas Delta Region 

Dr. Roberts

Dietrich Thurston (MS)

Hemp Phytoremediation and biochar adsorption of heavy metals in contaminated soils from Tar Creek superfund site

Dr. Miller

All graduate students and faculty should complete an evaluation form for each student seminar. The form can be completed on a computer or mobile device and submitted electronically. Access at the following link:

Mary Savin 

Dr. Xueyan Sha (Left) has received a 10 year service recognition and Dr. Mary Savin (Right ) has received a 20 year service recognition for their continous presence at the University of Arkansas Crop, Soil and Environmental Science Department.


The rice photographed is located at Lonoke Research Station. These plots were a part of weed control trials. 

Drone photograph taken by Wesley France, program associate for Dr. Poncet

Dr. Drescher

Gerson Drescher is a new assistant professor of soil fertility

Dr. Drescher first attended the University of Arkansas in 2017 through an exchange program while working on his doctorate at the Federal University of Santa Maria in Brazil.

In 2020, after completing his degree in Brazil, Dr. Drescher returned as a postdoctoral researcher with the Soil Testing Program within the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station, the research arm of the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. He was hired as an assistant professor in August 2022.

Soil Judging Team
Left to right:  Tristen Avent (first overall), Casey Arnold (6th overall), Mason Castner (3rd overall), Maria Carolina (undergraduate, high individual), and Juan Camilo Velasquez

Weed team victorious again!

The University of Arkansas Weed Team again won the Southern Weed Contest held in Memphis, TN on Wednesday. Team members consisted of Tristen Avent, Mason Castner, Casey Arnold, and Juan Camilo VelasquezTristen was recognized as the 1st place graduate student, and Mason and Casey finished 3rd and 6th, respectively.  Tristen was high individual in Calibration and in Herbicide SymptomologyVirginia Tech finished second and Mississippi State University was third in the team contest.  Maria Carolina de Carvalho Rocha Souza, an exchange student working under Dr. Norsworthy, won the undergraduate competitionMaria plans to begin pursuing an M.S. degree in the Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences department in January.


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