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The Department of Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences has two undergraduate majors and many minors to choose from for students who are passionate about pursuing careers in science, production, conservation and sustainability.

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Graduate Programs

Students interested in pursuing advanced degrees can choose one of our three concentations for the Master of Science degree, or complete a doctoral program in one of our 12 Ph.D. research areas.

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Our department is staffed with award-winning, nationally-recognized faculty members who not only serve students on campus, but also conduct research that benefits industries and communities across the state, nation and globe. 

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CSES Departmental Seminar Schedule 

 SPRING 2020

PTSC 009 Mondays at 3:30



Seminar Title



No Seminar

No Seminar

No Seminar


No Seminar

Martin Luther King Holiday

No Seminar


 Dr. Michael Johnson

 Continuity of Hopi Agriculture

Dr. Ashworth


 Faye Smith, Ph.D.

The Soil Environment and Microbial Biodiversity in a Temperate Wetland Mitigation Site

Dr. Savin


No Seminar

CSES Departmental Review

No Seminar


 Shandrea Stallworth

From Pest to Pal: Uncovering Abiotic Stress

Tolerance in a Weedy Rice (Oryza sativa) Mini Germplasm

 Dr. Bacon



Sam Park M.S.

Quantifying Gas Emissions from Livestock Fed Alternative Foraged Based Diets

 Dr. Savin



Carlee Hensley M.S.


Ryder Anderson M.S.

Earthworm Dynamics in Tallgrass Prairies in the Ozark Highlands Region of Northwest Arkansas

Characterization of Struvite and Effects on Arkansas Soils


Dr. Brye


Jake Patterson M.S


Mason Castner M.S.

Evaluation of Benzobicyclon in Midsouth Rice Production Systems

 Crop Response to Low-Dose Dicamba

Dr. Norsworthy



Diego Della Lunga M.S.


Owen France M.S.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Furrow-irrigated Rice on a Silt-loam Soil in Eastern Arkansas

 Mitigating Injury and Yield Loss to Soybean from Off-target Dicamba Movement

Dr. Brye

Dr. Norsworthy


No Seminar


No Seminar



Caio dos Santos M.S.


 Sumandeep Bazzer Ph.D.

Midseason Nitrogen Sufficiency Guidelines for Corn Production in Arkansas based on Tissue Analysis and Remote Sensing

 Genetics of Physiological Traits Associated with Drought Tolerance in Soybean


Dr. Purcell



Brad Hurst M.S.


 Drew Kirkpatrick M.S.

Influence of Winter Cover Crops on Soil Health and Yield in a Corn-Soybean Rotation

 Winter Cover Crops as an Alternative to Winter Wheat in a Double Cropped Soybean Rotation


Dr. Roberts



Maria de Oliveira M.S.


Derrick Harrison M.S.

Screening and Breeding Soybean for Flood Tolerance

 High-throughput Selection of Flood-tolerant Soybean in a Hydroponic Environment


 Dr. Mozzoni



Linda Martin M.S.


Ozgur Azapoglu M.S.

Starter Nitrogen Sources and Preflood Nitrogen Rate Effects on Rice Grown on Clayey Soils

 Identification of Genetic Sources of Restorability in Arkansas Restorer Rice Lines

Dr. Slaton


Dr. Shakiba



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