Study Abroad

There are many different opportunities for Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences students to study abroad during their time at the University. Reach out to the Bumpers College International Programs Office to find the right program for you. See recent experiences from students in our department below!

 India study abroad

Dr. Vibha Srivastava and Dr. Mary Savin led a study tour to India in January 2017.  The group visited farms, markets, college campuses, a sugar mill, cottage industries, historical sites, and temples in 6 different cities in northern India. See the Program Flyer


Madison Brown, ESWS, studied ecology for four weeks during the summer of 2015 at Oatridge College in Scotland.  Although  close to Edinburgh, she spent most of her time working and hiking in more remote habitats.


Dylan Milholen, ESWS, participated in a CAFLS International Research Experience during the summer of 2015 in Brazil.  He studied at UFPel in Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul. 


Ashley Rodman, ESWS, participated in the Community Development in Mozambique Study Abroad Trip through the Agricultural College. “While in Africa, we traveled to several communities outside of Napula where we measured the nitrate and salinity levels of each water source. 


Kaylee Rice, ESWS, spent part of her summer in 2015 at Scotland’s Rural College in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Kaylee said, “My absolute favorite day of our study abroad experience was bird ringing day. We caught small birds and tagged them for future tracking.” 


Zachary Tipton, an ESWS major and Chinese minor, has embraced the challenges of learning a second language and has been accepted to attend the Princeton in Beijing (PiB) program.


Laura Ortega, Crop Science, participated in the Sustainability in the European Food System in Ghent, Belgium, led by Dr. Curt Rom in Summer 2016.