CSES Student Clubs

The CSES Department and Bumpers College provide a wide array of student organizations for a wide range of student interests. With over 20 different clubs and organizations, students from all research areas have a chance to get involved, compete, and develop professional relationships for their future endeavors.


Joining clubs and organizations are great ways for our students to not only make friends and stay involved, but they often prove opportunities for volunteerism and professional development events that look great on resumes and make great talking points in a job interview.

 Crop Soil and Environmental Science Clubs

Clubs for all Bumpers College majors:

Honorary/Professional Societies/Sororities/Fraternities:

  • Gamma Sigma Delta - The honor society for agriculture
  • Alpha Epsilon- The Honor Society of Agricultural, Food and Biological Engineering.
  • Alpha Gamma Rho - A social fraternity for men in agriculture
  • Sigma Alpha - Professional agricultural sorority for women promoting all areas of agriculture. Being an agriculture major is not a requirement.