Student Quotes

Crop Science

Evan Buckner, BS CPSC:  One of the first things I did at the university was to be as involved as I could. I joined the Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences Club and was elected treasurer for the 2017-2018 academic year. Later in my second semester I was accepted for a position in a lab working with the Magnaportha fungus in rice. Working in this lab gave me a wonderful hands on approach towards molecular sciences and pushed me to explore the different sides of crop sciences.

I plan to enroll in graduate school after graduation from the University of Arkansas. After obtaining my doctorate, I hope to become a regional plant pathologist at a Cooperative Extension Office and then teach and research plant pathology full time at a land grant university.


Jamison Murray, MS CPSC:  My time as a graduate student was a great one! I was definitely challenged by my peers, my teachers and advisor. However, these challenges increased my confidence, creativity, network, and better equipped me for the agriculture industry. I appreciate the independence that I was given by my advisor. He allowed me to make my graduate thesis my own, supported me and motivated me not to settle for mediocre results. I never thought I would be flying a drone within agricultural applications, let alone be thoroughly immersed into the remote sensing community, but look at me now! Thank You U of A CSES!


Grant Lawson Priess, Ph.D:  I have been blessed to be a part of one of the premier weed science programs in the nation here at the University of Arkansas. Graduate school has helped mold me into a young professional with an understanding of the importance of reputation, quality of work, and attention to detail.

Enviromental, Soil, and Water Science

Alyssa Ferri, BS ESWS:  My experience as a CSES student has been phenomenal. I have a department who supports me, faculty that want to see me succeed, and friends to share the joy of environmental science through the club. This department has allowed me to grow as a scientist while creating wonderful memories that won't be forgotten.


Maddala, Srusti, BS ESWS:  As I began to take classes in the ESWS major, I began to see the urgent need for interdisciplinary work in the fields of soil and environmental science to combat the effects of climate change and environmental degradation.  This led to the development of my honors thesis project.


Ylagan, Shane, BS ESWS:  What I enjoy about being a student in the CSES Department is how you can have amazing relationships with the faculty and instructors.  If I was in a larger college at the U of A, this kind of relationship wouldn’t be possible due to the size of the college/classes.