Student Quotes

Cory Johnson Crop Science

Cory JohnsonCory Johnson, originally from Stuttgart, graduated from high school in South Fulton, Tenn. Cory chose the University of Arkansas because it offered a prestigious education in Crop Science. He is completing a minor in Pest Management.

He appreciates the Bumpers College because of the scholarship and study abroad opportunities it provides for students. “The agriculture programs here are great and offer many different classes for each major.” He values his program for “the variety of professors and their knowledge and backgrounds in Crop Science.”

Professors David Long and Mary Savin have been influential to Cory. “They have opened my eyes to different amounts and varieties of agriculture and how they correlate.”

Cory plans to work as a crop consultant. “Bumpers College has helped me in reaching my career goals by providing the classes I need to gain the knowledge and understanding of modern agriculture in a competitive industry.”

If Cory could go back in time and tell himself something before coming to college, it would be: “to double major and branch out. Study hard, but don’t be afraid to do something different.” For academic advice, contact Cory at

Taylor Coomer Enviromental, Soil, and Water Science

Taylor CoomerTaylor Coomer is an Environmental, Soil, and Water Science major with a minor in Crop Management. A graduate of Piggot High School, Taylor grew up as a Razorback fan. She only applied to the University of Arkansas, she said, because “my dad graduated here. It’s just a legacy thing.”

She chose her major because it is close to her roots. “I grew up as a cotton farmer in the Delta region. It seemed natural to transition to study what I loved growing up doing.” Taylor is in the Bumpers College Honors Program. Her honors thesis research includes testing effects of water use efficiency of biochar applied to soil in which cotton is grown.

Taylor appreciates the relationships with other students and teachers in the Bumpers College. “It’s hard to find teachers who don’t know you by name or face. This helps the students make great connections for career possibilities. The small class size is great, it is easy to receive one-on-one help with classes.”

For prospective students, Taylor has advice: “Do what you love—don’t think about the money. Don’t be afraid to take chances, I came here as a pre-med major and now I’m the furthest thing from it, but it’s what I love.” For academic advice or questions, email Taylor at