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Ehsan Shakiba

Ehsan Shakiba

Assistant Professor

(DREX)-Director Experiment Station

(RIRE)-Rice Research & Extension Center

Phone: 870-673-2661

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Position:   Assistant Professor in Rice Breeding and Genetics

Address:   University of Arkansas, Rice Research and Extension Center

                  2900 Hwy 130 East

                  Stuttgart, AR 72160

Phone:      870-673-2661 ext. 239

Email:       eshakiba@uark.edu

The hybrid rice program focuses on the development of good quality high yielding hybrid rice cultivars adapted to the rice growing regions in the Southern United States. Therefore, the goals in this programs are as follows:

  • Developing Environmental Genic Male sterile (EGMS) lines applied in a two lines system
  • Developing Cytoplasmic male sterile (CMS) lines and their corresponding maintainer (B) lines as well as restorer (R) lines which are used in a three lines system.
  • Improving cooking quality of EGMS, CMS, B, and R lines via marker assisted selection.
  • Introducing new source of genetic male sterility from INDICA accessions into the Arkansas male sterile lines.
  • Developing new molecular markers associated with sterility and other agronomic characteristics.
  • B.S.   Azad University, Iran, major Agronomy and Plant Breeding
  • M.S.  Azad University, Iran, major Agronomy (Plant Physiology)
  • M.S.  University of Arkansas, major Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences (Plant Breeding and Genetics)
  • Ph.D.  University of Arkansas, major Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences (Plant Breeding and Genetics)



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  • Shakiba, E. and G. Eizenga. 2014. Unraveling the Secrets of Rice Wild Species In: Yan C. and Bao J. (edits). Rice Germplasm, Gene and Improvement. InTech Europe, Rijeka, Croatia; 2014. p. 1-58.http://dx.doi.org/10.5772/58393
  • Shakiba, E., P. Chen, K. Brye, and A. Shi. 2013. Inheritance and allelic relationships of resistance genes for Soybean mosaic virus in ‘Corsica’ and ‘Beeson’ soybean.52: 1455-1463.
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  • Li, D, P. Chen, A. Shi, E. Shakiba, R. Gergerich, and Y. Chen. 2009. Temperature affects expression of symptoms induced by Soybean mosaic virus in homozygous and heterozygous plants. J. of Hered. 100: 348-354.




  • Assistant Professor in the Department of Crops, Soils and Environmental, Sciences, Stuttgart, AR.
  • Postdoctoral Associate in Rice Research and Extension Center, University of Arkansas/ Dale Bumper National Rice Research Center (USDA), Stuttgart, AR
  • Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Crop and Soil sciences, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
  • Research Assistant in the Department of Crop and Soil and Environmental sciences, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR
  • Assistant Park Manager, Municipality of Tehran-first region, Province of Tehran, Iran
  • Director of Greenhouse Production, Karoon Non-sugarcane Agro-industrial Co., Province of Khuzestan, Iran
  • Internship, Ranch and Forage Institute, Province of Isfahan, Iran