ENSC Graduate Courses

  • ENSC 4020L Water Quality Lab

    (FA) Corequisite: ENSC 4023.
  • ENSC 4023 Water Quality

    (FA) Lectures concerning physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of water resources in association with reference systems and point and non-point pollution sources. Regulations pertaining to water quality standards as well as parameter selection and analytical models are discussed. Course recommended for students who have 4 credit hours of Chemistry. Lecture 2 hours per week and Lab 3 hours per week. Corequisite: ENSC 4020L.
  • ENSC 4033 Water Quality Analysis

    (SP) Lectures concerning evaluation of water quality parameters with complementary field and laboratory experiences. Principles of parameter selection, quality assurance and quality control, sampling protocols, field techniques, and instrumentation as well as laboratory analysis methodologies will be emphasized. Lecture 2 hours and laboratory 2 hours per week. Prerequisite: ENSC 4023.
  • ENSC 4043 Environmental Impact and Fate of Pesticides

    (FA) Environmental issues associated with pesticide use, including fate of pesticides in the environment, ecological impact of pesticides, and exposure risks to humans. Lecture 3 hours per week. (Same as CSES 4043, and PLPA 4043.) Prerequisite: 12 hours of biological and/or physical sciences.
  • ENSC 4263 Environmental Soil Science

    (SP) Study of the behavior of pesticides, toxic organic compounds, metals, nutrients, and pathogenic microorganisms in the soil/plant/water continuum. Lecture 3 hours per week. (Same as CSES 4263.) Prerequisite: CSES 3214.
  • CSES 4413 Economics of Environmental Management

    (SP, Odd years) An economic approach to problems of evaluating private and social benefits and costs of altering the environment. Emphasis will be given to the interaction of individuals, institutions, and technology in problems of establishing and maintaining an acceptable level of environmental quality. (Same as AGEC 4413.) Prerequisites: AGEC 1103 and AGEC 3413.


    Graduate credit is not allowed for 4000-level ENSC courses.