Undergraduate Studies

The ESWS major and Crop Management major prepare you for careers that require an understanding of the science, technology and hands-on applications involved in sustainable use of natural resources.

Courses in the department of CSES provide fundamental and applied studies in two majors:

Environmental Soil and Water Science (ESWS)

Areas include pesticide residues, soil chemistry, soil genesis and classification, soil microbiology, soil physics, environmental science and water science. Supporting education in the biological and physical sciences provides the basis for courses in Environmental, Soil, and Water Sciences.




  • Environmental, Soil, and Water Science (minor)
  • Wildlife Habitat (minor)

Graduates are in demand for a variety of jobs in environmental research, environmental protection and remediation, and environmentally responsible use of natural resources. A minor in Wildlife and Habitat Management complements the ESWS major.

Career Opportunities

  • Community Development
  • Department of Pollution Control and Ecology
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Extension Service
  • Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Forest Service

Crop Science (CPSC)

Areas include plant breeding and genetics, crop physiology, crop production and management, weed science, seed production technology, and soil fertility. Supporting education in the biological and physical sciences provides the basis for courses in Crop Science and Environmental, Soil, and Water Sciences.


  • Crop Biotechnology (minor)
  • Pest Management (minor)

Crop Science graduates become involved in crop production, find employment in public agencies providing support services for agriculture, work as consultants serving production agriculture, work in the agrichemical and seed industries, and work in agricultural research programs. Minors in Crop Biotechnology, Pest Management or Wildlife Habitat complement the major.

Career Opportunities

  • Chemical/Pesticide Industry
  • Extension Service
  • Crop Consulting
  • State Plant Board
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Farm Management
  • Seed/Grain Industry
  • Private, Government or University Research